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Blank Spaces Popular builders in Australia

Every building design or concept originates from a very creative imagination of an architect. All the necessary information, including even the most minute details of a structure, are attributed to its builder. Some even name an edifice after a significant social or political figure in history or in other instances, skyscrapers that were built in honour of a business tycoon or executive.

Some of the elegant and astounding buildings in Australia can best be remembered by the architects who, in one way or another, have spent their time and talent in making a dream into a reality. Without their intellectual prowess, there could be no structures or figures to add to the vibrant Australian heritage and culture. There is no better way to give them recognition except for remembering who they are and what they have done in this humble article.

William Pitt

This architect also worked as a public servant during his younger years in Melbourne, Australia. It can be recalled that he was considered the best architect in the 1880s when Melbourne was at its peak of economic freedom and prosperity. An example of his architectural icon is the Olderfleet Building, which was inspired by the Victorian era architecture. A few of his versatile styles include Gothic Revival, Italianate and French Second Empire.

Jørn Utzon

Jørn Utzon was the famous architect behind the construction success of the Sydney Opera House. It can be recalled that in January 1957, his entry was among that stood out to be the best in the world to create a perspective for a venue to hold musical and literary variety shows. His raw concept resembles a giant clam opening its mouth on Sydney’s Harbor as if offering the country as a precious pearl for visitors from other foreign lands.

Phillip Hudson and James Wardrop

The maxim “two heads are better than one” was once again proven in their work involving the erection of The Shrine of Remembrance at King’s Domain on Kilka Road in Melbourne. The structure was built by the two war veterans in honour of the men and women who fought during World War I. Their masterpiece now serves also as a figure in showing gratitude and high regard for all Australians who had spilled both their sweat and blood for the glory of their country.

Jeffrey Howlett and Don Bailey

These two notable and famous architects were the brains behind the Council House situated on St. Georges Terrace at Perth, Western Australia. The edifice was built on the modernist concept or style but was a subject of ridicule and criticism on the grounds of preserving national culture and heritage.

Sir Roy Grounds of Grounds, Romberg and Boyd Architects

This architect was responsible for building a mushroom-like and alien-resembled dome known as The Shine Dome of the Australian Academy of Science (formerly known as Becker House). It is currently known to many as “The Martian Embassy,” and a renowned landmark in Canberra noted for its peculiar structure.