Getting to know your architect

Blank Spaces Getting to know your architect

It is always a wise move to ask questions whenever we are confused with something we are planning to do, in order to achieve better results. Situations like a job interview require an interviewer and an interviewee, where the former asked the latter relevant questions not only to measure wit and intelligence but also to reveal one’s personal traits and unique point of views.

It is sometimes unfortunate that applicants are qualified for a specific line of work but fail the final interview. We start to wonder whether the culprit lies on the way questions were asked or the overconfidence of the applicant who did not prepare for the critical part of the job application. In this article, we at will get to know an architect.

Why should we hire you to be our architect?

This initial question allows the applicant to “sell” himself in the way of taking pride in his strength as a professional and a chance to highlight all the needed skills and experiences by giving examples or situations that are currently commensurate to the kind of job being applied for.

Why do you want to work for this company?

A test of whether or not you have done your homework of doing a background check of the company you are applying for. It is very impressive when the interviewer knows from your answers that you have a great interest in the company by making an effort of knowing important or significant information about your supposed future employer. When answered promptly and honestly, the architect applicant earns bonus points for being well prepared to get the job.

As an architect, what do you consider as your greatest strength?

Since you are promoting not only yourself but also the profession, never hesitate to take pride in the achievements that you earned based on the resume that you submitted prior to the interview. You may include positive traits along with your technical expertise in the field – or better include instances or situations where your decision-making was critical in accomplishing a very important construction project.

Of all that you mentioned, what do you think is your greatest achievement?

There is only one specific or particular answer to this part of the interview. Make sure you will be able to remember or recall some detailed information about the achievement and support your answer or claim with pertinent documents or rather, a picture of you receiving an award for such victorious moment in your career.

Give your own opinion about management

A witty or smart architect would understand that there are a lot of aspects in which he can answer the question. The point could be personal, like meeting deadlines or time management. It could also entail handling people in a construction and design team and how problems and issues are handled or resolved. Most importantly, it could directly mean understanding what the future employer wants to happen during your stay as one of their asset. Adherence to standards or existing company policies, for example, must be taken seriously by the architect applicant.